Transtext(e)s Transcultures 跨文本跨文化

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Special Issue “Academic Freedom in a Global Context: Challenges and Perspectives”

Transtext(e)s Transcultures: Journal of Global Cultural Studies

Issue 16, 2021

Issue Editors:

Vanessa Frangville (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Gwennaël Gaffric (Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3)

Vanessa Frangville et Gwennaël Gaffric

Alain-Marc Rieu
Academic Freedom, Autonomy of Universities: Turning Point in the Evolution of Industrial Societies

Jihane Sfeir
L’enseignement supérieur au cœur de la tourmente libanaise

Dmitry Dubrovsky et Katarzyna Kaczmarska
Authoritarian Modernisation and Academic Freedom: the Contradictions of Internationalisation and “Pockets of Effectiveness” in Russian Higher Education

Boris Vinogradov
L’Académie des Sciences de Russie : quelles libertés académiques ?

Maxime Corron
On the Difficulties of Conducting Ethnographic Research: A Case Study of a Kazakhstani International School

Patrick Kar-wai Poon
Benny Tai – Testing the Bottom-Line of Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression in Hong Kong

Vanessa Frangville, Gwennaël Gaffric et Robert Quinn
An Interview with Robert Quinn, Founding Executive Director of the Global Network Scholars at Risk